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Working with Wood

Doors and frames, manufactured and installed, existing doors adjusted, all locks and hardware recommended and fitted.

Sliding sash and casement windows, manufactured and installed, existing windows refurbished with new beads, ropes, weights, draught proofing and re-glazed.

Period mouldings such as architrave, skirting, dadoe, matched, manufactured and installed.

Staircases manufactured and installed, handrails, spindles and existing flights renovated.

Fitted furniture can be made to fit perfectly in a particular space, whether it be a shelving unit or floating shelves, cabinets for a kitchen, bathroom or entertainment system, wardrobes, window seats, understair storage or library.

Free standing furniture such as desks, tables, stools and benches.

Exterior woodwork such as sheds, summerhouses, offices, decking, pergolas, gates and obelisks.

Custom pieces, I have made everything from carved name plates and picture frames to jewellery boxes and product displays, if it is made from wood and can be drawn then it can be made.

Additional services, glazing and decorating.

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I specialise in solid timber, working with the natural properties such as timber movement and designing to allow for this, I also have a good knowledge of the characteristics of the widely available timbers and can advise and choose the species most appropriate for the particular application. I am also certified in the use of Accoya.

Modern panel products such as Birch ply are a cost effective and sustainable solution where a large amount of flat and stable panels are required. For this reason I use birch ply for the majority of my cabinet and fitted furniture work, overlaying them with solid timber frames and doors where necessary.

I have fitted countless different styles and designs of hardware and ironmongery so I can advise on the most suitable for different applications, whether it is a question of durability, ease of use or historical accuracy. 

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One of the key advantages of Accoya wood is its enhanced dimensional stability. This means that it is less prone to swelling, shrinking, or warping when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature. As a result, products made from Accoya wood, such as doors, windows, and bespoke furniture, maintain their integrity and functionality over time.

The durability of Accoya wood is also notable. It has been proven to withstand the challenges of outdoor exposure, making it an excellent choice for exterior applications like decking, cladding, and outdoor furniture. Its resistance to decay, insects, and fungi ensures a longer lifespan compared to traditional wood options.

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