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Man Wood Carving


A Traditional Craftsman

I  provide quality sustainable timber products that will stand the test of time, creating bespoke products based on your requirements. I can also restore traditional woodwork using the same techniques that crafted it originally. Methods that have been tried and tested to last for decades.

I learned my skills through a traditional apprenticeship working with highly skilled craftsmen, observing their methods and implementing them in my own work, while at the same time using modern technology to make the process as efficient as possible.

I have specialised in traditional joinery for the last twelve years, working on many conservation and restoration projects from the Georgian, Victorian and Regency periods. I make install and restore sliding sash windows, solid timber doors, staircases and casement windows, as well as manufacturing fitted and freestanding furniture and cabinets.  

I received my Level Two City and Guilds in Site carpentry and then specialised in Joinery and attained a Level Three qualification.  All work is carried out to the highest standard and is fully insured. You will get a truely personal service, I survey and quote, then I work on every part of the process and do the final installation. This allows me full control over the timber and techniques used, meaning I can work closely to your requirements and the requirements needed to achieve a top quality product .

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Design stage:

I offer a design service, whether it be bringing your ideas to the drawing board or designing pieces from scratch. It is essential that you are completely happy with the final product. I will discuss your ideas, requirements and the overall style you are looking to achieve, then highlight any considerations regarding material, hardware or the space where the piece is to be fitted.

I can if required supply drawings for you to consider and decide on any changes. Once this has been achieved I can order materials and work can begin.


I use traditional techniques to offer a high level of crafstmanship, many of which have remained unchanged for generations. This means that I am able to advise and carry out work on listed properties and those in conservation areas where the requirement of replacing "like for like" is essential.

There have also been important developments in modern technology which allow the processes used to become even more efficient. There are now many new timber products available that offer increased durability, sustainability and effectiveness in particular situations.

Install and Restore:

I take great care to leave the place I am working in as clean and tidy as when I arrived. The installation will be as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

It is not always necessary to completely replace old woodwork and it can be restored to its former glory. I can maintain all existing woodwork giving it a new lease of life. I specialise in traditional restoration, from creaky and unsafe staircases to draughty and broken sashes.

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